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PIN Protection

for ATM customers and the ATM industry

Frosted plastic unit shields PIN data from prying eyes or cameras

The sophisticated design sits securely over the PIN pad on a range of cash machine types

Easily retrofit onto any ATM fascia with super strength adhesive tape

High grade and robust polymers built to withstand heavy impact

Hands free interaction allows users to easily hold belongings while using the machine

Built with hygiene in mind without parts which could gather dirt

ATM PIN Protect™

Each year in the UK alone the ATM industry suffers tens of millions of pounds worth of losses as a result of ATM fraud. ICL ATM has designed PIN Protect™ to combat the continuing security threats associated with ATM PIN* theft.


Acting both as a shield and a crime deterrent, PIN Protect™ stops prying eyes and hidden micro cameras from seeing an ATM user entering their PIN number. The PIN Protect™ unit is fixed securely to help prevent thieves from placing a fraudulent pin pad overlay on an ATM.


PIN Protect ™ improves your customer’s experience as it removes the need to shield the pin pad with one hand to prevent others from observing the PIN as it is being entered. Customers feel more secure using ATMs where action has been taken to mitigate the threats.


ICL ATM’s design team has created and tested its primary PIN Protect™ product to meet the requirements of the most commonly used ATMs provided by mainstream manufacturers and independent ATM deployers (IADs).


The PIN Protect™ unit fits NCR SelfServe and Persona models, and many other ATMs with similar fascia dimensions.

*PIN : Personal Identification Number

*Shoulder surfing : the practice of spying on the user of a cash-dispensing machine or other electronic device in order to obtain their personal identification number, password, or other confidential information.

ICL ATM are also here to design bespoke PIN Protect™ shields to fit the exact design requirements of your ATM, or any self-service terminal (SST). Call us to talk about your ATM security requirements, and a member of our design team will be happy to advise you on solutions to meet your exact needs.

ATM PIN Protect™ Side Guards

ICL ATM has developed a side barrier version of PIN Protect™ to meet the design specifications of ATMs that have the cash dispenser unit positioned in close proximity to the pin pad.


This design features an extended shield profile and angled bend for increased PIN pad coverage. The sloping curves are used for minimal interruption with ATM operations.


The PIN Protect™ side guards are made of the same  high grade, robust polymer, used in the full coverage model. It can be retrofitted on to an ATM fascia with adhesive tape or we recommend using the self tapping security screws for enhanced protection.

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