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Our design team bring your brand to life with

stunning ATM surrounds

Innovative solutions for lobby ATMs and surrounds for through-the-wall ATMs

Easy and secure installation procedures and maintenance access

Robust materials with scratch and graffiti resistant coatings

LED backlit text and logos and attention grabbing halo / backwash effects

Green technologies and recyclable materials used where possible

Manufactured in-house reducing costs and lead times

Our extensive knowledge of materials coupled with innovative design ensures that our surrounds are of the highest quality, robust and weather/corrosion resistant. Using premium coated polymers, we can offer anti-vandal and scratch-resistant finishes so that your ATM surround continues to look good year on year. Advanced printing and finishing techniques allow complex graphic finishes that are UV, weather and scratch resistant.


ICL have been involved in ATM customisation for over 30 years, working closely with some of the largest ATM suppliers as well as the most prestigious ATM operators. Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge of new and legacy ATM models and can help with any queries you have about your ATM branding project.


All our surrounds are manufactured in our 15000ft² facility in Glasgow (Scotland); our design team is also located here allowing our engineers to guide projects from conception to fruition. Housing design and manufacturing expertise in the same facility ensures that your products are designed with manufacture in mind, saving on costly redesign later on in the process and ensuring best practices are implemented throughout the process. This unique setup eliminates costly outsourcing and ensures that our prices are extremely competitive.


We understand that every application comes with its’ own requirements and challenges so we are flexible with our solutions: basic printed surrounds, surrounds with integrated receipt bins, formed surrounds, LED illuminated surrounds, electroluminescent signage, digital signage – anything you require, we can make it happen.


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